Several Cities such as Ann Arbor, Mi., Raleigh, NC., Oakland, CA., and Toronto Ontario have implemented LED lighting in their communities. LED lighting has many advantages for state and local municipalities like improved lighting and major reduction in energy usage.

Applications Energy reduction and improved lighting for pumping stations and water plants and other critical buildings

The picture to the right shows the improvement in the quality of lighting after LED lights were installed at a pumping station. The original lights were 250 watt HPS. They were replaced with 26 watt wall pack from LEDtronics.

You will notice how much whiter the light is from the LED. The wattage reduction was pretty significant, 250 watts to 26 watts.

LED lights are excellent for roadways, bridges and tunnels, they improve night vision and safety.

There is a dramatic improvement in the area being lit. Another advantage is that LED lighting greatly improves images from cameras at night as well as help pick up images at greater distances

You will notice improves the visibility of street signs and also provides a better representation of the actual trajectory of the road.

Since LED has better optical patterns light can be more evenly distributed. There are much less dark spots.

LED Lights require less maintenance

Many LED manufacturers are now producing LED light sources that are good for 200,000 hours. This eliminates the need to replace bulbs and ballasts greatly reducing maintenance costs.

Environmentally friendly 

LED light fixtures are very energy efficient sometimes using up to 93% less energy than traditional lighting. The US Department of Energy believes LED lighting has the potential to reduce US energy usage by nearly one half and contribute significantly to our nation’s climate change solutions. Or if you look at the numbers it would be $250 billion dollars in energy savings or a reduction of 1,800 million metric tons of carbon!

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