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Medical Cannabis Moves Into The Light

Michigan Medical Marijuana InformationMedical Marijuana is currently legal in 21 states plus DC, thanks to the recent passing of many medical marijuana laws, and the public discussion is more popular. Medical marijuana refers to the use of the Cannabis plant as a physician-recommended herbal therapy. Medical Cannabis, or using cannabis as a medicine, became common throughout much of the world by the 19th century. The primary pain reliever until the invention of aspirin was Cannabis.

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LED Grow Lights for Growing Medical Marijuana

History of Medical Marijuana Use

By the mid-1930s Cannabis was regulated as a drug in every state, including the 35 that adopted the Uniform State Narcotic Drug Act. The 1937 Marijuana Tax Act was overturned in 1969 in Leary v United States and repealed by Congress the next year. In the 1970s, many places in the United States started to abolish state laws and other local regulations that banned possession or sale of cannabis.

The Michigan Medical Marijuana Association is has expanded accurate information on a variety of topics. Go to michiganmedicalmarijuana.org to learn more.

Support for Medical Cannabis

Medical Cannabis support groups are also increasing and are more public. Currently, 44 Medical Cannabis Compassion Clubs exist in Michigan. Compassion Clubs are simply community-based support groups of patients, caregivers, families and loved ones, local caregiver groups, and the public, who meet Michigan Medical Marijuana Compassion Clubsregularly to learn and provide mutual support.

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Many chronic symptoms and ailments can be treated with medical marijuana. Symptoms that substantially limit a person’s ability to conduct one or more major life activities or symptoms that, if not alleviated, can cause serious harm to the patient’s safety or physical or mental health, are ones commonly covered by medical marijuana laws.

Growing Medical Marijuana

Lights for Growing Medical Marijuana (Cannabis)Medication Cannabis Growers are embracing historical “Plant Biology” by understanding that plants perform photosynthesis using two types of chlorophyll: Chlorophyll-A, with peak response at 430nm and 680nm, and Chlorophyll-B, with peak response at 450nm and 660nm.

While blue light in the mid-400nm range can activate photosynthesis, plants mostly use red light in the 650 to 700 nm range. Blue light also tells the leaves to open their stomata and allow CO2 in. Green light produces no response in the chlorophyll curves. Plants look green because their leaves reflect the green light. Medical Marijuana Growers are moving from using green light to the red and blue light their plants need.

Measurements of an air-cooled HPS lamp show that more than 60 percent of the electrical energy is turned into heat and ultraviolet light, and only 32 percent of the electrical energy used is turned into light energy (MacLennan, 1994). HID lamps produce less than 10 percent of that output in the red and blue regions where plants use light. Therefore, we see that the typical HID output spectrum is actually the opposite of what plants really need. HID grow lights work only because they are using so much energy that their 10 percent output in the photosynthesis region is enough to grow plants.

Lumigrow Grow LightsGrowing Medical Marijuana with LED Grow Lights

Medical Marijuana Grow LightBy using LED technology, electricity is turned into light tailored specifically for plants with no waste heat. LEDs can dramatically improve the efficiency and quality of horticultural lighting by customizing the output spectrum to where plants can use it most. Because LEDs run cool, productive small grow chambers can be created or heating costs are reduced in large ones. The user can control a mix of different LED colors and can even mimic the natural seasons by changing the light output spectrum over time. Given their advantages, it’s no wonder LumiGrow LEDs are Moving Medical Cannabis into the Light.

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