Convenience Store Lighting

A gas station or convenience store is no different than any other business, profitability is key. But, making your convenience store more profitable is easier said than done. GUSCO a leader in energy efficiency programs has developed a LED Lighting program specifically tailored for convenience stores and gas stations. GUSCO’s LED upgrade program provides quick return on investment, many times less than three years. Our zero out of pocket leasing program allows convenience stores to upgrade their current outdated lighting with an LED system that can provide a positive cash flow. Our LED upgrade programs can save 40 to 80 percent in energy savings on your light bill.

Below is an Executive Summary of a convenience store in SE Michigan. The project had a pay back of just over 3 years.


The savings were achieved by a substantial reduction in energy usage. We were able to achieve a 63% reduction in energy usage. The customer current usage was 50,818kWh and we were able to reduce to 18,913kWh annually.


Lease Options

With GUSCO’s Zero out of pocket financing we can tailor a plan to finance your lighting upgrade while providing a positive cash flow right from the very start. The example below is for a customer if he had chosen to lease versus a cash payment. The zero out of pocket lease had a positive total operating savings for a ten year period of $39,208.


The reduced energy savings not only provided a positive financial situation but it will contribute to eliminating 58,718 lbs. of carbon, 406 lbs. of Nitrous Oxide and 469 lbs. of Methane Gas from the environment. So not only can you save substantially on your lighting bill you will be greatly contributing to improving the environment.


Benefits of leasing with GUSCO

  • Manage Cash Flow – many times we can generate a positive cash flow.
  • 100% Project Financing – we can finance the whole project including disposal, installation, shipping and design into one package. Many banks won’t finance these soft costs.
  • Preserve Working Capital – Avoid large capital outlays and preserve your working capital for other important projects.

GUSCO convenience store program is a turnkey solution

GUSCO provides a total solution, you no longer have to have one company engineer your solution, one company which provides the luminaires and a bank to finance your solution, we can do it all.

GUSCO’s design team has the experience and tools to design your convenience store lighting to your desired specifications.

Why LED Lighting

LED lighting besides providing huge energy savings has a number of other benefits. Light from an LED source is unique in that fact that it produces light very much like the sun. The LED light spectrum contains greater amount of blue compared to fluorescent, metal halide or high pressure sodium which produced light with a high amount of the red in the spectrum. Because of this, LED light has better color rendering index which allows for better color perception and visual acuity. LED lighting is exceptional with the use of cameras outside at night.

LED lights are solid state devices and work great with lighting controls such as multi-level dimming and occupancy sensors to provide energy savings while keeping security levels.

Since LED lights contain no bulbs and last between 50,000 to 200,000 hours you have little maintenance.

LED lights contain no harmful chemicals such as mercury or lead and since they are very energy efficient, they help greatly reduce pollution.