Automotive Dealership Lighting

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Electric Bill Comparison 2013-2014

Data off an actual Consumers Energy invoice comparison between 2013 (before lighting upgrade) and 2014 (after upgrade).

An automotive dealership is no different than any other business, profitability is key. And making your dealership more profitable is easier said than done. GUSCO, a leader in energy efficiency programs has developed a LED Lighting program specifically tailored for Automotive Dealers. GUSCO’s LED upgrade program provides solutions designed for a quick return on your investment. Often times less than three years. Our zero out of pocket leasing program allows dealerships to upgrade their outdated lighting with an LED system that can provide a positive cash flow. Our LED upgrade programs can save 40 to 80 percent in energy savings on your light bill for your dealership.

GUSCO’s Automotive Dealership Lighting Program is a Turnkey Solution

GUSCO provides a total solution. You no longer need to have one company engineer your solution, another to provide the luminaires, and then a bank to finance your solution. We can do it all. GUSCO’s design team has the experience and tools to design your dealerships lighting to your desired specifications and or your manufacturer’s specifications.

Why Use LEDs for Your Automotive Dealership Lighting

Dave White Automotive Parking Lot Lighting Upgrade
Installed Cree® Edge High Output LED’s
– Dave White , Sylvania, OH

LED lighting, besides providing huge energy savings has a number of other benefits. Light from an LED source is unique in that it produces light very much like the Sun. The LED light spectrum contains a much greater amount of blue compared to fluorescent, metal halide or high pressure sodium which produces light with a high amount of the red in the spectrum. Because of this, LED light has a better color rendering index which allows for better color perception and visual acuity. So when a customer sees the color of a vehicle in the showroom, or out on the lot at night, it looks the same as if it were in daylight.

LED lights are solid state devices and work great with lighting controls such as multi-level dimming and occupancy sensors to provide energy savings as well as maintain security levels.

LED lights contain no bulbs or ballasts and have a life expectancy on average of 50,000 – 200,000 hours for luminaires designed specifically for automotive dealers, they would last anywhere from 10 to 45 years based on operating 12 hours a day. The maintenance savings would be dramatic, potentially saving your dealership tens of thousands of dollars per year on re-lamping and rental costs.

LED lights do not contain any harmful chemicals such as mercury or lead. And since they are very energy efficient, they help greatly reduce pollution and energy costs.

LED’s have many useful applications and benefits for dealerships, and energy savings is just one. Lighting in a dealership is very important and effects every square inch of the facility from the lot, to the service bays and welcome areas, the showroom and even the office space.

Exterior Automotive Dealership Lighting

LED’s are an excellent solution to replace metal halides or your Automotive Dealership Lighting. LED’s will use 70 to 90 percent less energy than metal halides and produce as much or more light. One 831 watt Cree® Edge High Output with Automotive FrontlineOptic™ can replace one frontline pole with two 1,000 watt and two 400 watt metal halides and provide much higher quality of light. Cree’s 831 watt 120 LED 1000mA Edge High Out at 5,700K will produce 69,000 delivered lumens of light focused on the front line of cars at night. When traffic passes buy they see cars presented in a very visual pleasing way. Cree’s TrueWhite® technology provides high quality 90CRI light, which will highlight the cars’ true paint colors.

Above Cree 240 Edge High output LED Lighting

Above Cree 240 Edge High output LED Lighting

Automotive Dealership Lighting for Dave Knapp's

Automotive Dealership Lighting for Dave Knapp’s

Service High Bay Lighting

LED’s play a special role in service bay lighting. New LED luminaire designs allow for better lighting configuration which enables us to place an LED luminaires on all four sides of each service bay which provide high levels of light on every section of the automobile. Additionally, we use higher wattage LED bars over the engine bay area providing high light levels so service technicians can see better while working in the engine compartment.

400 watt high bay metal halides provide light in a blob which causes uneven lighting. By using high quantity and lower wattage LED’s luminaries we can design a solution that provides a more even distribution of light.


Service Bay Lighting Layout

The photometric layout to above shows how we design a service bay area. The three bays each have light focusing on all four sides of the bay with a higher wattage fixture in yellow over the engine compartment.

A properly designed LED system should not only save you energy and money but also improve light levels. Before you choose a lighting company, make sure they have in house design and engineering capabilities. GUSCO Energy has many years of experience and the tools to properly design a solution. We also provide an extensive energy audit and proposal with calculated energy savings, internal rate of return and net present value over a ten year period.

Paint Prep Room Automotive Dealership Lighting

An LED installation in a paint prep room has big advantages. By installing a higher CRI LED in a paint room application you provide your workers with light output that much better resembles the light the sun produces. CRI or color rendering is the ability of a light source to reproduce colors of a reference source or daylight depending on the kelvin temperature of the light source. The higher the number the more accurately the light source represents the reference source or how the object would look under sunlight. So a higher CRI light source provides truer colors to the human eye.   High CRI luminaires help paint technicians match paint colors better as well as increase their visual acuity and provide less eye strain.

Dave Knapp Ford paint prep room using a higher CRI “HBLED” low bay from Cooper lighting

Dave Knapp Ford paint prep room using a higher CRI “HBLED” low bay from Cooper lighting

Dealer Showroom Lighting

One of the most important areas for a dealership is your showroom. Having exceptional light levels and quality of light is very important. The majority of dealer showrooms have 100 or 150 watt PAR38 metal halide lamps. These metal halides have a very short life and can be a very big expense and a major head ache re-lamping.

Dave White Chevrolet in Sylvania Ohio had 107 – 150 watt PAR38 metal halide cans in their showroom and waiting areas. They were spending $8,800 a year just on replacing the lamps alone. If you add in the labor and other miscellaneous costs they were spending over $10,000 a year to replace faulty lamps.

Dave White asked GUSCO Energy to design a solution that provides for very little maintenance. We designed a solution using Cree’s KR6 LED can replacement. The KR6 comes in a wide variety of lumen packages and color temperature options. Additionally the KR6 uses Cree’s® TrueWhite Technology which provides 90 CRI that showcases the cars true colors in the showroom. The KR6 has an excellent lifetime rating. At 75,000 hours or about 15 years of use the KR6 will still be producing 80% of its original light output saving Dave White from frequently changing lamps.


Lighting Controls for Automotive Dealerships

automotive-led-lightingLED’s have many advantages and since there solid state devices they integrate with energy management systems easily. Lighting Controls and lighting controls systems provide additional energy savings by dimming or turning off lights when not in use.

Wireless Mesh Network Energy Management Systems for Lighting

Wireless networks are everywhere from homes and coffee houses to cell phones and automobiles.  Wireless networks use the same wireless protocol to communicate information to devices.

Wireless Mesh Networks operate similar to a peer to peer network in that it uses each wireless device to relay information from one to device to the next device. Each device transfers data until it reaches in intended device.

Wireless Mesh Networks provide several advantages for automotive dealerships. First they allow for installation of controls without running additional wires saving on install costs. Secondly wireless mesh network systems provide greater energy savings by decreasing energy used for lighting by lowering wattages (dimming the luminaire) or turning the luminaire off when not in use.


Wireless Gateways for Automotive Dealership Lighting


Lumewave TOP 900 Wireless Lighting control.

greater energy savings by decreasing energy used for lighting by lowering wattages (dimming the luminaire) or turning the luminaire off when not in use.

Lumewave Wireless Mesh solution for outdoor lighting

Lumewave an Echelon company has developed an easy to use and install wireless controls solution for exterior site lighting. This cost effective, yet highly effective solution provides high level control and functionality wirelessly and is an excellent addition to any LED lighting solution for an automotive dealership.

The Lumewave Ethernet gateway connects to your network via an RJ45 connection and the Lumewave TOP 900 wireless controls commutate with the system providing real time commands such as dimming and motion control.

Lumewave motion control is a great feature for an automotive dealership. The motion sensor works in conjunction with the rest of the Lumewave system. If for example you had your interior lot lights off or dimmed the sensor would restore full power to the area once it detects activity. This provides additional security as well as provides light to the area if a customer happens to be shopping at night.

The Lumewave systems come with a comprehensive easy to use software package that is fully customizable. The software uses an astronumerical clock. The clock takes into account your location and time zone. From there you program the system to do a variety of activities. For example you could program all of your site lighting to come on a half hour before sunset. At 10PM you could program the front row lights to dim down to 50% power and shut off the interior lot lights. At 6am you could program the front row lights back to full power and the interior lots lights to 50% providing security lighting for employees coming into work.

Case Studies

Please click on an image below to see case studies completed on recent projects.

O'Hara Chrysler Automotive Dealership Lighting Upgrade   Dave White Chevrolet Automotive Dealership Lighting Upgrade