HRMS01 Healthcare Lighting


Not Just Healthcare Lighting, Defense for Your Staff and Patients

The AGT Arcalux unique, patented design acts as a filter for pathogens. That’s 99% percent of health-risking pathogens neutralized with its purification system that runs 24 hours a day.

How Can Healthcare Lighting Do That?

healthcare-lighting-purificationCleverly combined with a healthcare lighting fixture is a purification system that draws in air, filters, purifies and neutralizes airborne pathogens.

Utilizing CDC’s hierarchy of controls, Arcalux removes pathogens and greatly reduce clinical, administrative and operational costs.




The AGT Acralux Health Risk Management System filters air at the rate of 50 cubic feet a minute. That’s a ten foot by ten foot room with eight foot ceilings every 16 minutes. Its venting plates are angled at a thirty degree angle, perfect for the best circulation–leaving even stagnant air at corners and baseboards accessible.

And maintenance couldn’t be easier. The  easy replacement of lamp and filter annually will keep the system running at optimal performance.





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