Rob O’Brien Ford Dealership

Always on the cutting edge of technology, Roy O’Brien Ford took advantage of incentives available from DTE Energy’s Energy Efficiency Program for Business to add state-of-the-art LED lighting to interior and exterior applications.

The project involved the installation of 80 lights and fixtures throughout the dealership’s parking lots, outside its service bays and inside its showrooms, providing an average of 84% in annual energy savings.

In addition, the dealership now enjoys improved lighting quality, a fuller light spectrum — which illuminated the dealer’s vehicles at their most appealing. Thanks to the program’s incentives and the energy savings, Roy O’Brien Ford will recoup its project expenses in approximately two years.

High Efficiency LED exterior lights

For any car dealer, showcasing vehicles is paramount — especially at night.

At Roy O’Brien Ford, the challenge for the dealership’s contractor, America’s Green Line, wasn’t simply to illuminate vehicles on the lot, but to ensure that their color and luster were consistently shown in the best possible light — day or night.


To achieve this result, the existing 58 1,000-watt HID lights were replaced with an equal number of 200-watt LED units, which provided an 81.5% reduction in energy consumption.

That same approach — mixing efficient lighting with the right color balance — was applied to the dealership’s service bay area.

Along this wall (photo at right), 10 400-watt wallpack units were replaced with an equal number of 50-watt LED units — providing an 89% reduction in energy consumption.

A Continued Green Tradition

For more than two years, the Roy O’Brien family has been on the cutting edge of introducing green technology to their dealership, which was founded in 1946. And now, with the installation of LED lighting through DTE Energy’s Energy Efficiency Program for Business, the family continues a tradition that has included other energy-efficiency equipment over the years.

“We started with our showrooms and our offices and then moved into our used car department,” said General Manager Roy Patrick O’Brien — grandson of the founder. “The LED lighting in particular has been a unique improvement to our showrooms: It makes our vehicles look like gems in a jewelry store.”

“I wish we could have done a lot of this 20 years ago,” he said, “but the technology just wasn’t there. “With these recent projects, our payback is about two and a half years — and we’ve cut our energy usage by a third. “That’s the kind of savings I like,” he said.