O’Hara Chrysler – Clinton, Michigan

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O’Hara Chrysler located in Clinton, Michigan is a large Chrysler, Dodge and Jeep dealership that still keeps its small town values of exceptional customer service and low pressure sales approach.

Case Study-OHara_v3Opportunity

Like most dealerships O’Hara was using a tremendous amount of energy to showcase their automobiles at night. Their front row lights consisted of two 1,000 watt metal halides on the top and two 400 watt metal halides in the center of the poles. Additionally, they had several interior poles with four 1,000 watt floods. The interior of the dealership consisted of 4 Lamp T12 troffers and incandescent can lights. The service bays were using 400 watt metal halide high bays. Lighting is a very big expenditure for an automobile dealership, accounting for the largest portion of their electric bills. Based on the customer hours of operation they were spending $76,206 annually to light their facility based on 664,756 kWh’s.


Case Study-OHara_v3_3A group of energy and lighting specialists from GUSCO Energy performed an audit on the facility and designed a new solution using lighting and energy analysis software. The result was a spectacular lighting solution for both the exterior and interior. GUSCO Energy used Cree’s® ARE-EHO LED’s with frontline optics for the front row of the lot. The ARE-EHO LED’s with frontline optics provide high levels of light but use substantially less energy. The front row poles originally used 2,674 watts based on two 1,000 watt and two 400 watt metal halides. We replaced them with one ARE-EHO LED that uses only 851 total watts a 78% reduction in energy usage. Another advantage of using the Cree ARE-EHO LED’s is they provide exceptional color rendering allowing for truer colors at night. The interior troffers were replaced with Cree’s® CR series LED troffers and the service areas were upgraded to Lusio Essentials series high bays. Case Study-OHara_v3_2The total solution provided the customer with an overall energy reduction of 77% taking their KWh used from 664,756kWh to 153,430kWh annually. The solution had a 3.7 year payback and saved the customer an estimated $58,617 in energy savings and $16,540 annually in maintenance costs and as an added bonus the customer received a rebate from Consumers Energy in the amount of $43,218.09.