Dave White Chevrolet – Sylvania, Ohio

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LED lighting installation saves dealership big money
and eliminates maintenance

Dave White Automotive Dealership Lighting Upgrade Case StudyDave White Chevrolet, located in Sylvania, Ohio, is part of the White family of Dealership’s. As a dealership, they are dedicated to the community and have had a long tradition of providing the highest level of service. Automotive dealerships making changes to their parking lot lighting is a big deal. Even though many consumers make purchasing decisions via the internet, many still drive buy to see what the car looks like in person. Dave White has the unique advantage of being located on a point where two main roads intersect and they get a tremendous amount of drive-by traffic.

OpportunityDave White Automotive Dealership Lighting Upgrade Case Study

Like many dealerships, Dave White was paying a pretty hefty electrical utility bill. Since the dealership is located on a point, it has three roads where they showcase their automobiles, and a lot of front line poles, each with two 1,000 watt and two 400 watt metal halides. Their entire exterior lighting used 154,789 total watts and consumed 548,558 kilowatt hours annually.


Ray Brint, President of GUSCO Energy, approached Dave White knowing he could design a solution that would save them a substantial amount of energy and improve their current lighting. Ray engineered an LED lighting solution using Cree’s® high output Edge LED’s with Frontline optics specially designed for automotive dealerships. The poles along the street had two 1,000 watt and two 400 watt metal halides and they were replaced with one 851 watt Cree HO Autofront LED. Additionally Ray recommended installing Hubbell wiHUBB controls solution. The wiHUBB system is a secure wireless peer to peer network lighting solution which allowed Dave White to fully automate on and off times, dimming levels and occupancy settings of each fixture. Another added benefit of the wiHUBB system was the ability of GUSCO Energy to install a master override switch on the system that can turn all the lights on for special events.


Dave White now has a worry free lighting solution for all of their exterior lighting. The Cree high out-put Edge comes with a 10 year warranty that covers the LED’s, power supply and the exterior painted finish. The Cree also produces a very high color rendering index of 90 CRI. The high CRI provides customers a better representation of the car at night. Not only do the Cree’s have an exceptional warranty but they also have an exceptional life span and will provide high quality lighting for Dave White for 20 years. The turnkey LED solution reduced Dave White’s kilowatt hours used annually from 548,558 to just under 100,000 kilowatts, a 82% reduction in energy usage. The solution had a 3.1 year payback and Dave White Chevy received a rebate from First Energy for about $20,000.