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Apollo Metro Solutions

Apollo Metro SolutionsApollo Metro Solutions has a full selection of intelligent LED lighting solutions that can easily be deployed into metropolitan areas, parking lots and warehousing facilities. Apollo LED Lighting is not only efficient but has the ability to incorporate a variety of technologies into a single design.


The Apollo LED Series is a pole or wall mounted fixture most commonly used for street and roadway, security, parking lot and billboard lighting.

LED + Wireless Smart

Giga LED Series: Two-way, Mesh wireless network using licensed or license free spectrum in the 900MHz-5GHz frequency range. Used for control, monitoring, SCADA and Smart Grid applications.

LED + Sensor

Juno LED Series are motion sensor equipped streetlights, dim to 20 percent power when no people or moving vehicles are near them and as a car or person approaches its output.

LED + Infrared Camera

The Eos LED Series has a non-intrusive built in Hemispheric camera that achieves a 360° view. Also available with built-in Infrared to illuminate when lights are off.