Office Lighting

Office Lighting – Move Up to LED Lighting

By upgrading to new LED Troffer technology for +you can solve many of the problems associated with fluorescent bulbs. The energy savings can be tremendous. The above Cree CR Series Architectural LED Troffer uses just 44 watts compared to a traditional 2×4 troffer which uses roughly 170 watts. The Cree CR24 uses only 25% of the amount of energy compared to the T12 fluorescent.

Office Lighting Controls

Another great area of importance is the benefits of using controls in the office environment. Using controls has several advantages, most importantly the reduction in energy usage.

Daylight Harvesting Sensors – monitor the amount of natural light and adjust the amount of produced light based on the needs of the location. The sun is an important asset. Natural light offers physiological and psychological benefits so why not use it. LED lights work exceptionally well with Daylight Harvesting sensors allowing each fixture to be adjusted to the proper light levels and when daylight starts to fade the sensors will continue to add light as needed.

Occupancy sensors also work well with LED lighting, why light a room when it’s not in use. Occupancy sensors use a variety of technologies to determine if the room is in use or not. If the sensor determines that the room is no longer in use it will shut off the lights and automatically turn them on when someone enter the room.