Cold Storage Lighting

cold-storageFrozen and refrigerated foods account for the majority of products being stored cold storage and the trend for frozen food is rapidly expanding globally. Energy, aside from labor cost is the biggest cost a cold storage facility has.  Imagine reducing your current energy bill thousands, even tens of thousands of dollar per month.

Save Money with Cold Storage LED Lighting

Managing energy costs in a cold storage facility can be a challenge. The energy savings for cold storage lighting is almost unbelievable, but savings of up to 97% on energy can be achieved when implementing a cold storage LED lighting system.  Usually extremely cold temperatures wreak havoc with traditional HID and fluorescent lighting creating longer warm up times, light flicker and quality. But, LED lighting works extremely well in cold applications and they even last longer. But that’s just one of the benefits. LED lights product little or no heat which will reduce compressor run time and maintenance saving energy and money.

Cold Storage LED lighting is the perfect source for your facilities. LED’s have special optical patterns for aisle lighting and along with the use of controls you will have a better lit facility while substantially reducing energy costs. Motion sensors have the benefit of turning off lighting or reducing light levels when nobody is in the storage facility.

Lusio’s Pro-Optic series is available with an asymmetric distribution pattern allows for extra wide spacing of luminaires and uniform vertical illumination.

Advantages of LED Cold Storage Lighting:

Conventional lighting efficacy is affected by the cold reducing its efficiency. LED are more efficient in the cold.

LED’s produce very little heat – conventional lighting produce large amounts of heat which works against the refrigeration systems. LED’s will reduce thermal load.