Gusco | Professional LED Lighting Solutions

LED lighting for Commercial, Industrial, Athletic/Sports and Horticultural applications

GUSCO is a wholly owned subsidiary of Brint Electric, a 40 year old commercial and industrial electrical contractor. We have taken our 40 years of experience in the lighting industry and assembled a team of highly skilled employees dedicated to implementing turn-key, cutting edge, green energy solutions including LED upgrades, controls, horticultural systems and Co/Tri generation of power.

We have extensive experience designing and implementing LED solutions for these market places:

  • Industrial LED lighting including LED High Bays, Low Bays and explosion proof fixtures.
  • Commercial LED lighting including LED troffers and surface mounted fixtures.
  • Exterior LED lighting including, parking lot pole LED lights, LED wall packs, LED floods, LED canopy and LED shoe boxes.
  • Horticultural LED Grow lights for Greenhouses and Urban farming.
  • Athletic and Gymnasium LED lighting for indoor tennis, volleyball, soccer, pool, air structures and field houses.

LED’s installed at Siena Heights University Field House

GUSCO provides a detailed comprehensive turnkey solution for our customers. Our systematic approach allows us to design and install some of North America’s best LED solutions. GUSCO Energy’s process
  • Needs anaylsis – a GUSCO Energy consultant will conduct a comprehensive needs analysis to determine the best solution to solve your current lighting needs.
  • Energy audit – a GUSCO Energy consultant will conduct an energy audit of your facility or exterior. We measure your spaces, take light level readings as well as pictures and video of current fixtures and spaces, we determine current fixtures types and wattages and counts.
  • Energy Calculation – we input our audit information into our energy software
  • Lighting design – where necessary we design a new lighting space with Visual and CAD software
  • We engineer the appropriate fixtures from our design into the software package calculate your energy savings, payback time and reduction in pollution.
  • We calculate your rebate from your utility.
  • We work with our lenders to determine a lease program that may provide you with a positive cash flow.
  • We present you a comprehensive proposal outlining your energy savings and payback periods.

LED Lighting applications

LED’s for Automotive dealerships - including special lot lighting with frontline optics. Interior LED’s for the service areas and LED troffers and down lights for the showroom and offices.

LED’s for manufacturing – We install a variety of LED high and low bays for the manufacturing environment.

LED for the office – LED troffers, surface mounted fixtures and LED down lights.

LED’s for athletic and sports facilities such as indoor tennis LED’s, pool LED’s, field house LED’s, gymnasium LED’s

Exterior LED’s – Parking lot shoebox, cobra head and flood LED’s. LED wall packs, spot, flag lighters and bollards.

LED for Municipalities – LED’s for Waste Water Treatment Plants, Garages, Street Lights and Parking Garages.

Above LED’s installed at Adrian Public Library, Adrian Michigan

LED Bollards from Lumecon at Sidecut Metropark Toledo Ohio